What is GRADitude?

What is GRADitude?

GRADitude is a new World Vision Youth Engagement campaign based on a simple idea:
What if changing the way we celebrate graduation could change the world?
You can celebrate your graduation by empowering vulnerable children through global education.

Graditude invites graduating students to celebrate their academic achievements with purpose by helping the world’s most vulnerable children access life transforming education. We can’t think of a better way to express gratitude for the gift of education than by extending that same gift to others who need it.

How does it work?

It’s super easy! Challenge every student in your grad class to commit to making a “drop in the bucket” for global education by dropping $2-$20 into a bucket as they cross the stage during your grad ceremony. World Vision will combine everyone’s “drop in the bucket” and choose specific projects to fund each year that will transform communities through education.

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