What if…

What would the world look like if we fully embraced one another as family? What if we took the very first step and really opened our eyes to see the invisible faces we overlook every single day; the faces of the poor, the broken, the hurting, the oppressed, the sick, the exploited, and the marginalized? What if we not only saw them as people, but what if we took compassion on them as our brothers and sisters?

What if we knew them by name, and knew their story? What if we identified with them as children within the same family, who love one another, look out for each other, and sacrifice our own interests for the best interest of others in our family?

It didn’t take long for me to realize why we experience this overwhelming disconnect in the way we live in both our local and global community with one another. We live in a broken world. We are all broken people. And because of this, our understanding of family has been broken. We so often seem to struggle to love those closest to us, the ones in our own family. It’s no wonder we struggle to extend that same love to our brothers and sisters all over the world who suffer under the crushing weight of injustice.

I have started on a journey of asking a lot of big questions. Why does our familial relation to another human being make such a drastic difference in the way we care for them? In the way we love each other, and spend ourselves on another’s behalf? Why do we relate more closely with those we identify on the same family tree with?

We as a Youth and Student Engagement team seek to see young people pour their lives out on behalf of others, specifically the most vulnerable and marginalized. We are a small part of a body of people seeking to bring justice to injustice. We advocate and take action on behalf of our brothers and sisters. We do this because we see them, and we love them as members of our own family.

Join the fight, connect with us below.

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