What Can I Do?



You Can Advocate

The most important first step is for you to understand the issue. Knowledge is power!

Community water committees ensure local
ownership and resources to keep the water flowing.
Deep wells, shallow wells, solar pumps;
we tailor solutions to community needs.
Education and tools like hand-washing stations
teach crucial healthy habits.
Key solutions for health, such as latrines,
accompany every water project.

Digging Deeper

Check out Worldvision.ca to understand the issue and the impact we have made so far!
You can also check out water.org and wvi.org for more information.

Now that you are a H20 expert, gather your friends, your teachers anyone you come in contact with and share about the global water crisis that is happening. If you’re at school you can host a booth with water facts. You can show the difference between clean water and dirty water and how important it is to life.


Want a water presentation?

Our resident water expert, Brianna would love to come visit your group
and share her knowledge and expertise about the importance of clean water.
You can connect with her at brianna_locke@worldvision.ca

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You Can Fundraise

There are plenty of ways that you can fundraise for clean water!
Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

– Do a water walk. Gather your group and friends to carry jugs of water through your neighbourhood or across campus.
– Host a booth at your school and educate your classmates and teachers about the importance of clean water.
– Come up with a crazy idea to ride your bike to spread the word!