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Is Instant Even Real

Instagram. Instant Coffee. Instant Messaging. Instant Relief. Instant Satisfaction. Instant Results. Instantaneous is a thing we advertise. We like. We idolize. We manufacture. We even consume. I found it interesting when Starbucks went instant with VIA Coffee. It was a struggle for this profoundly successful coffee company to cater to a culture that challenged some Read full post

Child Labour Free Gifts

Check out this article on how you can give child labour free gifts for Valentine’s Day! Child Labour Free Gifts

Before anything else…

Before anything else, we are human. All humans have basic needs. However not all of humanity has their basic needs met. I live in a country which provides me freely with anything I could possibly need, not to mention anything I want. I am so thankful, yet I feel so undeserving. I can’t seem to Read full post

Black History Month

Black History Month: Your Leadership Changes the World Every February in Canada, youth all over the country take a moment to admire and celebrate the special contributions that the African and Caribbean community has made – and continue to make, to contemporary society – and I love it! “Why do I love it” you ask? Read full post

Creativity that changes lives

Cookies, a 32 member dance crew, just one the VIBE XX dance competition. More importantly they used their artistic talents to join with World Vision in helping spread awareness about the 85 million children who are forced into 3D – dirty, dangerous, and degrading jobs. How might you use your artistic gifts – music, dance, Read full post

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