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Better Together

Think of a time when you had to do something that was beyond your ability and strength. What did you do to get help? For many of us, our first reaction would probably be to seek help from another. Helping one another is an indispensable component of a healthy relationship, family, and community. At the Read full post

To Live Like Alex

Let the past be part of our driving change for the future to come. Krista was one of the many youths who had applied for the Alex Foto Trip Scholarship. Read about her progress of why she applied and how the stories of Alex impacted her to truly live like Alex. I first heard of Read full post

Hungry Yet?

Hungry – Adjective: /ˈhəNGɡrē/ Having a strong desire or craving, an eager NEED for something. Are you hungry? At this present moment, maybe you are. Maybe you skipped breakfast this morning because you slept in and rushed out the door… again! Maybe you don’t have a lunch because after raiding your kitchen, you couldn’t find Read full post

The bicycle

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the human race.” ~H.G. Wells. It’s about ten and a half kilometers from my house in the suburbs of Ottawa to my office downtown, a trip that I like to take on my bicycle when the ground isn’t covered with two Read full post

Do My Best

We’ve all heard it, we’ve all used it, and we’ve all said it: “Do my best.” This came true to one man I met in Portland in 2013. In 2013, I was working on a travel blog and I happened to make my way down to Portland because of road trip my friends and I Read full post

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