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Sean and Karli Quigley believe in music of hope, so it just made sense to partner with HungerFree. The duo, which hails from Winnepeg, Manitoba in Canada, fronts band Bold As Lions. And this February they’re going on a HungerFree tour. HungerFree sat down with Sean and Karli to learn more. HungerFree: Why are you Read full post

Learn More, Do More

I know enough to help, you know. I’ve always had the feeling that I know enough to “get it” (justice) but not talk about it. I mean, I know enough to make simple changes in my life, realize that this is a problem that I am concerned about, but I am in no way knowledgeable enough Read full post

Fishing for a Solution to Hunger in South Sudan

Fish Farm In South Sudan, fish are helping communities make themselves hunger-free. In the past, the only way for communities in South Sudan to have access to fish, a good source of nutrition and income, was to purchase them from Uganda at high import prices. However, when World Vision programmes brought fish ponds to these Read full post


The cloud of dust that swirls around Washington’s feet when he dances is a lot like the cloud of likability that seems to follow him around. His shy smile and infectious giggle could win anyone over. The young dancer who dreams of becoming an electrician has an attitude that’s deceptively optimistic. A Kenyan boy born Read full post

A #Hungerfree World is Possible

We have a dream that one day, we’ll live in a hunger-free world. A world where children don’t have to worry about food, but can instead focus on learning and growth. A world where there are no hunger statistics because there is no hunger. A world where sharing a meal becomes an act of joy Read full post

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