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Becoming Hungerfree

If you were to stand at the edge of Nelly’s family’s fields, you would see earth that looked a lot like a checkerboard. Every few feet there is a rectangle where the ground is a little lower. The checkerboard is actually zai pits, a farming technique that involves mixing the dirt with fertilizer and leaving Read full post

Food for Thought: How Hunger Affects Your Education

How many of us have sat through a class that’s right before lunch, staring at the second hand on the clock, imagining our teeth crunching on chips? Watching that clock becomes far more important than French or algebra. For too many kids in the world, their first meal of the day is dinner. Lunchtime doesn’t Read full post

Welcome to Dzikunze: A hungerfree world starts here

Kilifi is a resort town in Kenya. Beaches and hotels are the claim to fame, and tourism is the backbone of its economy. If you were to visit the resort town, you might stay at the Mnarani Club resort, where you can enjoy the amenities of the on-site spa or explore the ocean on a Read full post

If You Had To Live From A Backpack, What Would You Bring?

If you had to live out of a backpack, what would you bring? I’ve had to ask myself that question quite a few times in my wandering life. Recently, I found myself asking it again, as I sifted through photos and stories of Syrian refugees and the few belongings they carried from home. A carrier Read full post

The Only Thing That’s Missing Is You

Mother Teresa once said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Two weeks ago I saw firsthand the effects of many young and passionate youth coming together to cast stones for a better world. World Vision hosted a Justice Lab in Edmonton, and Read full post

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