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Read through stories from youth and student contributors who are taking action, going places, and making an impact for vulnerable children.

1 Kid Making A Difference (& What a difference it was!)

Written by: Brianna Locke “Helping people makes me feel good!” On June 12th I had the opportunity to speak with Taylor DeVos, a passionate and powerful 12 year old from Saskatchewan, who is ready and willing to make some huge differences in the world. It started three years ago: a commercial, a lake, and a Read full post

Question the Status Quo

Written by: Leanne Prescott (East Coast Coach) As far back as I can remember I have asked WHY there was injustice in the world. Why are some families hungry? Why are some children forced to work? Why are some people without clean water? “Because that’s the way it’s always been” has never been a good Read full post

What Now?

Written by: Candice – Youth Ambassador In 2000, world leaders came together and created the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight goals to reduce extreme poverty to be achieved by 2015. These goals include improving maternal health, eradicating extreme hunger, and fighting HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases. Fast forward to 2014. Although some Read full post

What do you get when two dozen university students go hungry for 30 hours?

In March 2014, the Memorial University World Vision Society had its inaugural 30 Hour Famine, and it was a blast. Strategically located in the University Centre next to the largest cafeteria on campus, a great deal of awareness was made; not only about our newly established society, but about world hunger and global poverty. There Read full post

The Quarter That Changed The World

Written by Brianna – World Vision Staff “I thought about what you said, and I am really inspired.” I stood on top of a cafeteria table being swarmed with students who wanted to know more about the 30 Hour Famine, I saw a young student approach the table with big eyes and his hands deep Read full post

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