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Universal Children’s Day

Celebrating Universal Children’s Day. Have you ever watched a YouTube video showcasing some hilarious kid saying or doing something ridiculous and silly, it almost made you pee your pants? Those are some of the very best YouTube videos out there… they are priceless! My favourite is of this one little guy out in the middle Read full post

Child Soldiers Remembrance Day

One minute of silence stretches to two Our hearts at the ready, our hands in salute Then rings the trumpet, solemn and slow To remember the crosses, row upon row Recite poems of trenches, wars won at great cost Recollect renowned battles, the lives that were lost Doolittle, Dieppe, Old Baldy, and Midway “Never again,” Read full post

Finding Happiness During Uncertainty

In 2007 back when I was 16 years old, I was going through a difficult time. It was my third year in high school which meant three years of bullying, feeling lonely, being depressed and battling social anxiety. I saw no end in sight and believed my end was near. On sunny day in Victoria Read full post

What if…

What would the world look like if we fully embraced one another as family? What if we took the very first step and really opened our eyes to see the invisible faces we overlook every single day; the faces of the poor, the broken, the hurting, the oppressed, the sick, the exploited, and the marginalized? Read full post

I Believe In That Day

You’ve never done anything wrong, you’ve never done anything to receive what you’ve been given. You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are God’s greatest dream come true on the earth. How do you say that to thousands of trafficking victims looking back at you searching for hope? How do you say that to even Read full post

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