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A Question to Remember

We are living in an age when it goes against the ‘norm’ to think more about others more than ourselves. How do we change that? How to we challenge the norm? How do we live our lives in such a way that we effect positive change in the world? I believe it starts with deciding Read full post

Fight for Human Rights

We are inherently different. All of us. We have different religious beliefs, political views, and social behaviours. Some of us start the day off with a coffee, others with an elaborate breakfast, and others with nothing at all. We go to school for a living, stay home from school to earn an extra living, or Read full post

The Joy of Giving

We as humans are at our best when we commit our lives to a lifestyle of giving and generosity. No one makes it on their own in this life, but it is through mutual giving and receiving that we are able to flourish. I think that much of the injustices of our world can be Read full post

Compassion Knows No Bounds

Written by: Miranda, Youth Ambassador If you had told me that I would be shaving my head when I first received the email inviting me to apply to become a Youth Ambassador with World Vision, I would’ve laughed in your face. As I was writing my application I was thinking about where I was in Read full post

Universal Children’s Day

Celebrating Universal Children’s Day. Have you ever watched a YouTube video showcasing some hilarious kid saying or doing something ridiculous and silly, it almost made you pee your pants? Those are some of the very best YouTube videos out there… they are priceless! My favourite is of this one little guy out in the middle Read full post

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