Where’s the money going?

Where’s the money going?

Every year we choose a high impact project to fund that supports long-term access to education for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

This year all GRADitude funds will be directed towards World Vision’s efforts to fight human trafficking in Thailand by supporting the education of Thai youth. World Vision’s anti trafficking program in the Greater Mekong region of South-East Asia is one of the largest of its kind and focuses on prevention, protection, and shaping policy to stop vulnerable children from being exploited. Children who are not in school are the most vulnerable and are prime targets for traffickers. Thousands of Thai young people trapped in poverty with little hope for a better future in their community will migrate to other regions in Thailand or across borders in pursuit of better opportunities. Many end up being tricked and trafficked, often into brothels for sexual exploitation or for child labor, and are never heard from again. Supporting education for children in Thailand helps to reduce their vulnerability and provides them with future opportunity that protects them from becoming a target for traffickers.

All GRADitude funds this year will support access to education for vulnerable children in Thailand and fund programs to educate youth about the dangers of human trafficking and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Find out more about World Vision’s Anti-trafficking efforts here

Join us in protecting Thai youth from human trafficking by registering your school for GRADitude and making a “drop in the bucket”.

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