Before anything else…

Before anything else, we are human.

All humans have basic needs. However not all of humanity has their basic needs met.

I live in a country which provides me freely with anything I could possibly need, not to mention anything I want. I am so thankful, yet I feel so undeserving. I can’t seem to understand why I was born to such luxuries when a woman who is my equal over land and seas lays hungry, motionless, last breaths filling her lungs as she slowly inhales and exhales. Hunger.
To me, that is not right.

Someone once told me: “When we admit our passions, we are free.” I believe this to be true because it’s from this point we can move and lead from a place of passion.
I’ve been dreaming about what the world would look like if we began to become a people who desire change within justice so deeply that we became that change.
By simply listening to the heart, we can understand that we have been created with a purpose. Our lives are too short to simply live to survive so follow the silly ideas and shift nations.

Today I had the pleasure of listening to Ruth Roberts share her heart. She is the founder of the 30 Hour Famine. She is a woman who believes in change so deeply, she was moved to be the change she wanted to see. She and some friends saw a television clip of a famine in Ethiopia, at first she thought it was a silly idea to host a famine in order to experience what her equals were experiencing around the world but regardless of how an idea sounds, it’s always worth sharing.
That year, she raised $25.00 to help end world hunger. It made a difference.
Today the 30 Hour Famine raises an unbelievable amount of money annually to see the end of world hunger. It makes a difference.

It all started with a ‘silly idea’.

You my friend are not living for the sake of living, you’re living because there’s a passion inside of you that you can change the world with. Be the change you want to see in the world, admit your passions, and challenge the status quo with your brilliance!

Please join me in standing for the end of world hunger, sign up to make a difference. Find more information here: