Learn More, Do More

I know enough to help, you know.

I’ve always had the feeling that I know enough to “get it” (justice) but not talk about it. I mean, I know enough to make simple changes in my life, realize that this is a problem that I am concerned about, but I am in no way knowledgeable enough to share or lead a conversation on the topic because there’s so much that I don’t know. There will always be people who are more learned, passionate, eloquent, etc. than me. Who am I to talk on this, to enlighten people? Who am I to take charge and lead a group to take action on justice? I’m so little.

But I’ve always wanted to do something.
I’m excited to hear other’s thoughts on what they are doing to fight poverty and injustice. I love learning more about what’s going on and what we’re doing to take action. So why am I taking the back seat?

And then I realized –

If you’re passionate about it, you know enough. You know enough to help others know, build excitement, and steer people towards more. Know enough to build a foundation and help others take a stand for what they believe. Know enough to encourage and support others as they venture through the problems of this world and grapple with their role of bringing good into a situation.

Because the more I learn, the more I realize there aren’t always answers to memorize because there aren’t quick fixes to every problem. Not everything is black and white. And this is why we need the WORLD to come together to make change. Although there is one way of bringing justice and peace (and that way is LOVE), there isn’t just one formula for this solution. So face it:

You are needed.

Good. Now you know you’re incredibly valuable, keep learning. Keep challenging. Keep innovating. Start with what you have; work with what you know. With everyone contributing in their own unique way, positive change is inevitable.

This is our time. Our world to shape, our future to create. We are a movement committed to making our lives count.We will not be silent as poverty plagues our planet. We believe in life in all its fullness. We see beauty even in brokenness. Our love has no bounds. Within us are untapped dreams that could change everything. We resist the status quo wherever it suffocates the human spirit. We will take risks, make mistakes, and dare greatly, knowing that a better world is possible. We speak hope. We instigate change. We are rising up as one voice with many expressions.

Watch us lead.

Do My Best

We’ve all heard it, we’ve all used it, and we’ve all said it: “Do my best.” This came true to one man I met in Portland in 2013.

In 2013, I was working on a travel blog and I happened to make my way down to Portland because of road trip my friends and I had planned. While my friends were out spending time at a mall, I decided to take some personal time, which meant working on my travel blog. I decided to interview a homeless person. I made my way downtown and saw a friendly homeless couple. We started chatting a bit but what was supposed to only be a five minute conversation turned into two hours.

We covered many topics, such as how they wished normal people looked at homeless people as human beings and not something that everyone should look down on. But the most memorable topic we covered was why they were homeless. He told me this, “I lost my job, my house burnt down and I lost everything in a week, and I’m here now, but one day I will get back on my feet because every day, I do my best, that’s all I can do. I do my best”

Before I left, I asked him one more question, “What would you do in my shoes.” He said, “Just do your best, if I were you I would do my best, that’s all you can do.”

Even thought you might already know this, the poor aren’t lazy. They are doing the best they can with what they have, just like everyone else, just like the man I spoke with.

Consider this, more than 3 billion people live off of less than $2.50 a day. They are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, they are doing their best survive just like us. But we don’t survive like they do. We have access to clean food, water and shelter. We have to survive passing test, doing our job correctly and succeed in our social life. That’s how we do our best. How about we give people a hand and do our best to help them out. Maybe it’s by doing a fundraiser, or hosting a 30 Hour Famine or doing a bake sale. If we do our best, we help change lives and eventually change the world.

So as your reading this, I want you ask yourself this question, are you doing your best to become the person you want to be? Are you doing your best to help make this world a better place? Are you doing your best?

Change the World

This is a clip from the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, 20 years ago.

He decided not to live the life that was handed to him, but to carve his own path. He realized that “Everything around you that you call life, was made up by people no smarter than you.” You can influence, shape and change.

Steve went on to change the computer, music, and phone industry, while capturing the imagination of millions around the world.

What would it look like if the same genius that helped spread smartphones across the planet, was applied to spreading hope, justice, and peace?

In the words of Mary Oliver – what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Maybe one day you’ll work for World Vision, maybe you’ll start your own social enterprise, or maybe you’ll find yourself living on the other side of the planet caring for orphans.

What’s for certain is, if you fully embrace the fact that your life is yours to shape, you will never be the same, and neither will our world.