A Question to Remember

We are living in an age when it goes against the ‘norm’ to think more about others more than ourselves. How do we change that? How to we challenge the norm? How do we live our lives in such a way that we effect positive change in the world?

I believe it starts with deciding to live a life of generosity.

For some it happens naturally, for others it’s a conscious decision – either way, the most gratifying way to live life is to do it with others’ well being at the center of our thoughts and actions.

A few weeks ago I was in class and got a text from an old friend of mine, and all it said was “How can we change the world today, Jules?” – with no explanation, no prompting or prior conversation. That text changed my day. Not only did it inspire me but also it shifted my perspective from normal day-to-day tasks to actually thinking, what am I doing to change the world today? How can I make a difference in the lives of others?

Sometimes, shifting gears is as simple as that – as simple as making every day about what can I do to help someone else? I don’t know about you, but I’m not okay just sitting back and letting the injustices of this world continue. Global poverty can end in our lifetime. All children could have access to primary education in our time. The number of child deaths from preventable diseases could be just a fraction of what it is now, in our lifetime.

How do these big changes happen? By shifting our perspective and starting with ourselves. When perspectives shift, lives shift in a positive direction. I heard it said once “Sometimes ending world poverty feels like emptying the ocean with an eye dripper, and just when you get close to seeing water levels go down it rains.” This can be true, but that’s why there is so much power in students from across Canada stepping up together to make a change. YOU are a part of a movement: your movement involves some 75,000 youth and students across the country.

Living a lifestyle of generosity is all consuming. It’s a powerful thing when life’s mundane every day tasks shift with that perspective. “How can we change the world today?” can be a question you ask yourself in the morning when you get up, on the bus on your way to class, or even at work. When our thoughts shift away from ourselves our lives begin changing for the better.

So, where do we start? Why not shop ethically, host an information session on global poverty, mobilize your friends by creating your own campaign, and use what you love to make a difference in the world. The options are really endless, it just takes making a decision to be different, go against the ‘norm’, and live out a lifestyle of generosity.