Rwanda Leadership Trip

In east-central Africa lies one of its smallest countries, Rwanda.  Amidst its mountainous terrain and wildlife, Rwanda’s beauty seeps a stark hunger crisis that cannot be ignored. In 1994, Rwanda suffered one of the worst genocides in history. Fallout from that event, along with food shortages, drought and poverty, has prevented many children from enrolling in school.

You have the chance to make a difference; a chance to view life from a different perspective and leave a lasting impact in the world… Join us for the ultimate leadership experience that will take you to new heights.

  • EXPERIENCE first-hand how World Vision’s development projects and programmes work on the ground changing the lives of thousands of Rwandan families
  • SEE the impact of HungerFree projects empowering young people in Rwanda
  • DISCOVER your leadership strengths alongside other Canadian youth who are passionate for global change

Location: Rwanda; primarily Kigali. All communities will be where World Vision has had substantial time working and building relationships with.
When: August 19 – 30, 2017
Cost: $1500 + Flight
Registrations ends May 29th, 2017.

Trip Highlights


    View Rwanda’s magnificent landscape, including mountainous highlands, savannahs and lakelands


    Interact with local youth while visiting schools and doing fun activities such as children’s crafts and meal preparations


    Connect with a university and social entrepreneurs along with communities World Vision has been doing development work with


    Engage in a potential construction project that World Vision is currently exploring

Safety First

Safety Precautions:

  • World Vision takes all responsible measures to ensure safety and enjoyment for everyone whilst travelling.
  • World Vision abides by the Canadian Government Travel Advisories and continuous monitoring is done before and during the trip. World Vision conducts additional assessments of the entire trip prior to departure with preventative measures and emergency protocols in place.
  • Emergency communication is available 24 hours a day with our Canadian offices.
  • World Vision maintains constant monitoring on the political situations and communication with our local partners and program leaders on the ground.
  • Facilitators will inform your child and fellow travelers with rigorous safety practice and guidelines to follow, along with preparing them for emergency situations.

Before Takeoff

  • We recommend having your child register with the Canadian Embassy prior to travel with all their travel plans to ensure accountability in case of emergency. The trip coordinator is more than willing to guide you and your child through the visa application process for their trip, if one is required
  • We highly recommend that you consult your family doctor regarding any necessary vaccinations that your child may require for the trip, preferably 6 weeks before travel
  • Copies of passport and all other important documents should be made and scanned. Email them to yourself for online availability
  • The facilitators will be meeting your child at the airport, ensuring their smooth check-in and departure

After Landing

  • Lodging will be in World Vision approved accommodations for safety
  • Travelers will be in same gender rooms of 2 to 3 youth. We’re aiming for a facilitator to youth ratio of 1:6
  • There will be both male and female facilitators, along with trained Rwandan World Vision staff
  • All facilitators are trained in First Aid, Emergency and Evacuation Protocols, Standard Operating Procedures and Crisis Prevention. Facilitators carry a comprehensive First Aid Kit at all times
  • Local hospitals with Western standards are notified of our trips and prepared to handle any minor and major medical situations
  • All transportation is run by trusted transportation providers and under the guidance of the team
  • Purified bottled water is available and all food is prepared with proper food preparation
  • During all activities, participants are given comprehensive and thorough instructions on the use of equipment and protective gear is made available (if necessary)
  • We recommended purchasing a comprehensive insurance package for your child. While we do not expect for injury to occur, it is always best to be prepared

For Parents

Journeying with World Vision to Rwanda will change your child’s life. The very fact that your son or daughter wishes to embark on this one-of-a-kind experience is evidence that they have a desire to explore the world around them and to see life from a different perspective. This trip will allow your child to discover themselves- their strengths, talents and abilities- like never before. Your child will be immersed in a rich culture, constantly learning the beauty of difference while simultaneously recognizing and appreciating similarities. Pushed to new limits with new people, they will surely develop an increased sense of responsibility and independence and, not to mention, make lasting friendships along the way. Even you might be surprised at how much personal growth your child experienced in such a short period of time! Ultimately, our goal is to have your child will return home as a Global Citizen. Your son or daughter will return with an increased awareness of how people in the developing world experience life every day, and what they can do at home and abroad to make someone else’s life a better one.

Having worked alongside parents and youth for many years, we know that the safety of your child is your number one concern. We assure you that the safety and security of your child is also our number one priority. Below, we have taken the time to outline particulars of the trip, especially the safety procedures and guidelines that World Vision staff will be following at all times during the trip.

Apply today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I sign up?Simply fill out the registration form the best that you’re able, and someone will be following up with you within the week to take you through next steps.
  2. What will I be doing?You’ll be experiencing the beauty of Rwanda, immersing yourself in World Vision’s work in the community, meeting with young leaders that are transforming their country, and learning first hand leadership skills. There will be time for some fun excursions as well!
  3. How is World Vision changing the face of hunger in Rwanda?Learn more here.
  4. What are the costs?All costs on the ground related to transportation, accommodations, and food for the full trip are included in the $1500 fee. This price is already substantially subsidized as we want as many young activists involved with World Vision’s work to join this experience as possible.  Participants need to budget for the cost of flight (Approximately $1600-$2000) and miscellaneous expenses.
  5. What ages is this for?We recommend this trip for those who are 17-25. There’s some flexibility if you are in your last year of high school – it just means a bit more paper work from your parents/guardians 🙂
  6. What preparation do I need before the trip?All trip participants will be sent safety and cultural preparation materials along with several videoconference pre-trip training sessions with fellow student leaders.
  7. When should I book flights?Please do not book flights until you’ve been contacted and have been given to the go ahead in making flight arrangements. There will be a common flight path coordinated so that everyone is together before we travel internationally.
  8. Can I invite a friend?If they’re just as passionate about global change as you are, definitely! Send them this page and application to fill as well.
  9. Will there be chaperones?Yes, there will be both male & female World Vision staff chaperoning the entire event ensuring a safe and enriching experience.
  10. What happens if there are security issues in Rwanda?We actively monitor the Canadian government travel advisories and input from our staff on the ground in Rwanda. Should security issues arise we will either change locations to a country in the surrounding area during the same timeframe, or we will refund any trip payments made up to the date of any cancellation.
  11. Any other questions?Feel free to email our World Vision Canada Youth Engagement Manager