Dear World Vision Youth Community, Friends and Supportors,

On August 7th, 2014 a bright light was taken from our world, youth community and family. Alex Foto (19 years old) was killed in a tragic accident in London, Ontario when a cement truck collided into her as she was biking. We are in shock and our hearts are broken at the news of this tragedy.

If you had the opportunity to meet Alex, travelled with her, or have been impacted by her life, you would undoubtedly know that her generosity, love and selfless nature were among but a few of the characteristics that described this amazing young woman.

A few highlights from Alex’s journey with World Vision:

– Going into her second year of University at Waterloo University, studying International Development
– Led 6 consecutive 30 Hour Famine events
– World Vision Brand Ambassador
– Participated in World Vision Leadership Trip to the Dominican Republic
– Leadership on the National Famine Team
– Hosted Girl Rising screening
– Participated in World Vision’s North American Regional Forum
– Launched University of Waterloo World Vision Club
– Youth Ambassador Program Graduate
– Received Ontario Volunteer Award 2014
– Participated in World Vision Cup advocating event in Brazil
– Speaker at numerous events such as: Count Me In Conference and Today’s Teens
– Participant of the open space retreat which created the youth engagement strategy for World Vision Canada.
– World Vision Heroes for Children award recipient

Alex was a beautiful, compassionate, devoted advocate, dear friend, creative leader, encourager, beloved daughter and champion of the poor. All who knew Alex, knew that she was a world changer, in reality, now we see that she was one who was placed on this planet to change multiple worlds.

In Alex’s own words from her Youth Ambassador application, of why she is passionate about justice and helping others:

“The question of why do I do what I do is often one I get, but seldom have an answer for. I do it because this is what I feel I am meant to do. I truly believe I was put on the Earth to do, so I do it.”

Before the world lost Alex, she had a dream of gathering people across the country to participate in a water walk that would raise awareness of the global water crisis. In 2015 we made that dream a reality raising over $80,000 towards life changing World Vision water projects.

Alex’s family have requested that all donations be towards World Vision Canada.


If you’ve been inspired by Alex’s life like we have been, we want to challenge you to #LiveLikeAlex

We’ve also setup a permanent page to gather reflections and responses to Alex’s life.

Alex did many great things in her time on earth. Here are some ways you can take making a difference to the next level the way Alex did with World Vision.

Share your story of how you’re responding in memory of Alex with hashtag #LiveLikeAlex or send us your story and we can help share your story as well at