Water Walk Resources

Here is everything you need to successfully do your #LiveLikeAlex World Vision Water Walk

Who is Alex that this water walk is named after?
This walk is dedicated to Alex Foto, a passionate World Vision Youth Ambassador our world had lost August 7th 2014.

What’s the inspiration behind the walk?
This entire walk is based on a dream Alex left us. Alex had a vision of raising awareness and funds for global water projects through a massive public act of solidarity – challenging people carry a full jerry can of water.

Why 6KM’s?
Six Kilometer’s is the average distance someone in the developing country walks to collect water.

What’s the deal with Water? How can I share with others why access to clean water matters?
Here are some great facts and digital media on water to get you started.

How exactly does this water walk work?
It’s essentially walking together as a team of up to 6 people carrying 1 Jerry Can. You can carry it on your side, back, top of your head, a KM each, in pairs, it’s completely up to you! This isn’t a race or a strength competition necessarily, find a way for to work with the team that you have.

Seriously, how will I get this water across the finish line?
That is a great question, and we’re going to throw it back to you. These jerry cans, when full, can weigh up to 40 lbs and will truly have you walking in the shoes of the many around the world who do this on a daily basis. We want to encourage you to get your jerry can across the finish line however you can, but if you need some inspiration, these are our ideas:

  • Hand It Off: like carrying a baton in a relay race, have each member of your team carry the jerry can for a kilometer.
  • Spread It Around: appropriately distribute your water among your team members (You’ll need multiple water containers for this but it’s a great way to younger members of your team to assure that they feel part of the event)
  • Research how women and children carry their water in developing countries. Did you know that combined, women and children walk 140 million hours a day to retrieve water for their families? Go to for more information on why water accessibility is important, and to learn how communities gather their water.
  • Get creative! We want to see some new and innovative ways for you and your group to carry your jerry 6 KMs.

Is there any else I need to do the water walk is there a kit?
Besides up to 5 other friends the only thing you need is a jerry can. We suggest a jerry can of 20L or higher for the full experience. You may already have one in your home for camping trips or for gasoline. You can also purchase them at your local Home Depot, Canadian Tire, or Amazon.ca

How do I register my team?
Register yourself, join a team, or create a team online here.

How many people can I have on my team?
We recommend 6 people per team to help carry the water jug for the duration of the walk. Of course you can challenge yourself with less, but we think 6 people would be the great group size to make the most of the event. If you see that your team is growing, consider breaking into two and have more members join the fun! Tips on building your team.

Where do we do the walk?
There will one main formally organized event in London (The city Alex grew up in). True to Alex’s dream, we want to challenge people across Canada to lead a team and do the walk right where you are. We suggest somewhere public rather than on an enclosed track so you can raise the level of awareness. We’ve got some tips on designing your own walk here.

Did I hear something about a trip?
Alex loved international travel. We’re awarding one spot on our upcoming World Vision Youth Leadership Trip to Nicaragua this August. Essentially every $500 raised earns you a ballot for the draw.  This trip is specifically geared for youth between 14-24 years old.  Funds must be raised by July 9th in order for us to adequately make arrangements for the trip in August. Find out more here.

Do we have to fundraise?
All donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated. We are encouraging groups to raise at least $2000 a team to bring as much clean water to as many communities as we can, Alex was a dreamer and so are we.

We’re challenging each team to collectively raise $2,000. Which sounds like a lot, but if you asked Alex she’d be laughing. Think of it this way – you can break it down to 20 donations of $100 or 40 donations of $50. Here are some water walk fundraising tips.

Where does the money go?
100% of funds collected will be directed to World Vision, one of Canada’s largest relief, development, and advocacy agencies. Here’s an example of what even a small amount can impact.

  • $50 – Protect a Family from Disease with Water Filtration.  Water-borne diseases kill 5,000 children each and every day and a water filter can protect a family in need all year round.
  • $100 – Clean Water for a Family
    Water is life for struggling families as unclean water contributes to the deaths of 1.6 million children. $100 will provide access to clean water and help protect communities from guinea worm, cholera, typhoid, trachoma and other painful and deadly water-borne diseases. Give water; give life.
  • $100 – Emergency Water & Sanitation for a Family
    When disasters strike, your efforts will help provide things like portable water storage tanks, chlorination tablets, water buckets, shallow wells, damming and hygiene essentials such as soap and latrines. In an emergency, one of the most urgently needed resources in uncontaminated water for drinking, cooking and sanitation; without it, stricken communities cannot survive.
  • $125 – Latrine for a Community
    Lack of proper sanitation makes children sick, keeps them from school and contributes to thousands of preventable deaths each year. Properly built and installed latrines, along with hygiene education, can improve health for a community. This is an unusual, yet practical and truly meaningful gift for a community!

Is there a minimum age for team members?
Youth under 18 need to have parental or guardian consent. Be sure to read over the waiver together in the registration process if you are a minor.

Do I absolutely have to carry a jerry can?
Carrying the jerry can is a powerful act of solidarity, however if you’re unable to for whatever reason you definitely don’t need to carry a jerry can.  Walk with a team that is.  You can also carry a smaller symbolic water container like a detergent jug or a water bottle to participate as well.

What do we do with the Jerry Can afterwards?
If your team received an official #LiveLikeAlex Jerry Can Kit from World Vision you’re welcome to keep it as a commemorative item to this special event. We will also gladly receive the Jerry Can back if you don’t want to keep it.  Other things you could do with the Jerry Can – use it for camping, or for watering the garden, or even collect change with it to continue supporting water projects.

Would we end up wasting water at this event?
Let’s make every effort not to waste water while promoting water access!  Some teams plan on collecting rain water before the event, others plan on using the water to wash cars or water gardens.  Please don’t aimlessly dump out your water.

Do you have any health and safety tips?
Why yes we do.

I’ve raised funds through cash and cheques offline, what do I do?
Follow these instructions for sending your funds in to World Vision.

Are donations tax deducible?
All donations over $15 are eligible for a tax receipt issued by World Vision Canada.

Are there ways for my company or an organization I’m associated with to get involved?
Absolutely.  You can challenge your organization to also have teams doing the water walk as well.  If there’s an interest in corporate sponsorship or gifts in kind for the event, please contact livelikealex@worldvision.ca

Do you have any downloadable resources?
Absolutely. We’ve got some images you can use and share on social media, as well as posters you can print to help get the word out here.