Lead a walk

We’re challenging people across Canada to do the #LiveLikeAlex World Vision Water Walk with us on August 9th 2015.

If you are inspired by Alex’s life and her goal of bringing clean water to communities around the world, but can’t make it to the water walk in London, lead a water walk in your own community.

We want to make sure that anyone who wants to participate in the water walk is able to, and we need leaders like yourself to help us. You can do this anywhere in the world.

  1. Gather and register your team.
  2. Review our resources
  3. Plan your route (tips below)
  4. Fundraise (Note that only Canadian residents are eligible for tax receipts)
  5. Head out and do it!

Designing your route
Designing your route is an important step in creating your walk. Each route should be 6 km long, so that each participant in the team walks for 1 km with the jerry can. The route itself could be 6 km long, or a destination 3KM’s away that you can loop back through to return to your original location.

Make sure that you remember to be safe as you are planning your route! If you’re planning your route along roads, make sure that you use sidewalks! Enclosed routes like in parks or trails may be a safer option, however we want to encourage you to find the most public place possible to do it in order to raise awareness for the cause.

There are lots of different apps that you can use to help you to map our your water walk route.

Route Planning Apps

1. Google Maps
You can use Google Maps to plan your route, especially if you’re planning your route along roads.

2. Footpath Route Planner
This free app allows you to plan out a route using roads and trails. And if you don’t want to use a road or trail for your route, you can draw your route free-form.