Leona | Edmonton, Alberta

At first, I thought it was all about how I can do this job well, as the internship progressed, I realized it has become more than a job. The things I do in this internship have become part of my lifestyle; my passion for social change grew so much. I like the open environment, where you are free to share creative ideas and know the people you work with share the same values and goals. The trust & kindness amongst co-workers are at a level I have never experienced before with previous jobs. It opened my eyes to more injustices in the world, but I also witnessed all the compassionate people spending every second to work for change, encouraging me to do the same. But the most important thing I learned through this internship is to not let road blocks, like finances, time, or fear, to hinder you from doing good work for God. God is so much bigger, if you put all your trust in His providence & His strength, leaning not on your own knowledge, you will be surprised what kind of journey He takes you on.