Legacy One

Legacy One is a non-profit organization that seeks to impact students through the urban arts.

Using artists trained in hip-hop dance, spoken word poetry, legal graffiti art, and dj’ing, we offer a variety of programs and workshops that encourage students to find their unique voice. We define voice as the element that makes students come alive and gives them hope and purpose – it is their gifts, passions, and potential. Legacy One challenges students to use their voice to influence their communities and to leave a positive legacy.

The Legacy One artists have been mentored and trained by respected dancers, spoken word and graffiti artists, and DJ’s from Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, France, and New York – artists such as Kaze, Gemini, Sweepy, Nick Demoura, Shaun Evaristo, Johnny “J Blaze” Erasme, Jonathan “Jonboogie” Rabon, Lunacee, Lady-C, J-sik, Kid David, Luigi, Y-not, Bobby Mileage, Flexum, Propaganda, Jonny Williams, and Jeff Goring. Over the last four years, Legacy One has performed and taught in schools across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New York, England, and Malta!