No Lost Generation – Prayer for Syria

World Vision is actively helping vulnerable Syrian children and their families who have lost their homes, both those who remain in Syria and those who have escaped the violence and now live as refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. World Vision is providing food vouchers, hygiene kits, and is improving access to health care, clean water and sanitation. We’ve also set up child-friendly spaces in Lebanon and Jordan, and are supporting educational initiatives to support the conflict’s youngest refugees.

Yet all our humanitarian work is undergirded by prayer. Isn’t it a privilege that we can bring all suffering, war and pain—all the things that grieve us deeply—to the throne of God? We believe He loves us and He hears our petitions.

Join us March 14-16 and hold a prayer vigil for Syria. This conflict has split a nation, resulted in violence on a massive scale, and forced millions of children out of their homes.
Please come before the lord and fearlessly ask God to do what only God can do for the children of Syria by praying for peace and for their most urgent needs to be met. #NoLostGeneration

Why now?

– 9.3 million people in Syria and 2.5 million Syrian refugees need urgent humanitarian help
– More than 1 million children have had to flee their homes and their country, and now suffer as refugees in an unfamiliar environment.
– Children are impoverished and lacking education. Many are forced into unsafe situations—including dangerous work—and are reeling from the violence they’ve witnessed.

How to hold a prayer vigil

A prayer vigil can be large or small, adapted to what works for your community. Here are some free resources for you use:

  1. Download this ‘How-To-Guide’to help you on your prayer journey
  2. Download this prayer bulletin to help lead your group in prayer
  3. Check out these two blogs from Mais and Nasrella,and read about their stories
  4. Download and hand out these story cards
  5. Don’t forget to check out this video below!