Our Vision: To ignite and mobilize a grassroots movement of Youth and Students For Children. For Change. For Life.

Our Motto: “Students Own What They Create”, so let’s get busy and start creating together!

We believe that Youth & Students are the change agents, innovators, culture shapers and leaders of today who are not just interested in being a part of a solution; we want to BE the solution to the Global issues of injustice and poverty in their day.

Our focus is around educating, mobilizing and growing leaders who are a passionate, counter-cultural movement of youth and students towards alleviating poverty and injustice by applying World Vision’s transformational developmental approach, which is community based, sustainable and accessible to all. From this place, youth will create their movement and we will have the honor to come alongside facilitating and cheering you on as you lead the way forward reflecting a new tribe of World Vision leaders.

World Vision – Mission

World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. www.worldvision.ca

Get Involved

1. Start by finding out what you are passionate about. Connect with one of our amazing coaches who will walk alongside you through your entire journey.
2. Join one of our National Campaigns – such as 30 HR Famine – www.famine.ca
3. Try creating your own fundraiser!