Youth Ambassador Stories

See some of what our Youth Ambassadors have to say about their experience:

“I really liked being able to connect with a new community of people that I had no idea was out there!”  -Hannah from Ontario

“I just want to emphasize how great of a learning experience this has been. thank you to the whole team for running such an amazing program. you guys are actively pushing us to make something out of our passion and it’s amazing to see the great things.”  -Marissa

“I thought no one would want to help but I was completely wrong. There is so much support out there you just gotta look. I hope to continue more fundraisers and events like I’ve done this year next year. I’m making changes, small changes and it just awesome.”  -Cassie from Newfoundland

“I loved learning how to make a difference! I want to keep doing more with World Vision as a lifetime connection throughout my career and as I get stronger personally and also inspiring other young people to do the same.”  -Simrit from British Columbia

“This has been an amazing experience! I really enjoyed learning and working through hardships in trying to form a world vision club at my school.” -Meghan from Ontario

“Always keep your eyes on why you’re doing, what you do and who you’re doing it for, and not the obstacles you’re facing.”  -Monica from Newfoundland

“Contributing to a body of knowledge and expertise about activism helps make even the tough times productive for yourself and others.”  -Chris from New Brunswick