NOTICE: INTERNSHIP POSITIONS WILL NOT AVAILABLE FOR SUMMER OR FALL 2018 – Please check back for updates on a program launch in WINTER 2019 or APPLY NOW to be contacted when the next round opens


Poverty drives you mad. Justice isn’t a nice concept for you, it’s a way you strive to live. You inspire others. People like you. They almost want to be you. You eat details for breakfast. You crush deadlines. You’ve got the eye of a tiger and you’ve started uprisings from your smartphone. You put the fun in fundraising. You throw your entire being into everything you do. You fail fast, you learn quick, and you bleed hope. You have visions of a better planet and you’ll do whatever it takes to get there.
You just might be the type of person we’re looking for.


It will provide you with amazing opportunities to learn, grow, and experience a working environment like no other!
Applications for paid internship positions are now open for our next cohort of extraordinary youth engagement interns at World Vision.

Leaders & Mobilizers in BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, and Atlantic

  • Mentoring
  • Public Speaking
  • Fundraising
  • Community Building

Creative Adobe Ninjas that inspire people to action in GTA

  • Communication
  • Design
  • Web Development
  • Video



Our internship program typically starts in September. You can submit your application to be considered, and you will hear back from us May.



Youth Team Testimonies

Stephanie's Story

I have always had a passion for advocacy and human rights. Having completed my law degree in the Caribbean, my passion for social justice intensified and sparked a new desire to learn more about international development. Upon returning to Toronto, where I was born and raised, I began my job search in the hopes that I would find a position in which my passion for human rights and advocacy could be realized. At World Vision Canada, I found both a position and an entire organization dedicated to upholding the rights of children and families all over the world.

The position not only equipped me with professional work experience but also provided me the opportunity to grow personally and spiritually. As the Campaigns Assistant for the Youth and Student Department, I worked alongside a group of talented individuals who shared the same hope and vision for a better world. Though spread across Canada, our team was very close-knit, often sharing successes and encouraging each other through weekly devotions.On my first day of work at World Vision Canada, I was told that that the internship is what I make it. I was always encouraged to use my strengths, skills and talents to develop ways to increase our global impact and to enjoin youth across Canada in doing so. To this end, I found myself doing tons of researching and creating resources and even singing and throwing giant pancake breakfasts to raise funds for our HungerFree campaign! The internship forced me beyond my comfort zone and challenged me to do more for others, whether they live beside me or in a different continent.

I could never have imagined that I would enjoy the internship as much as I did, and I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity. It was an unforgettable, rewarding experience and a great start to my career. I would 100% recommend this internship for anyone who is interested in a ‘not-your-typical’ internship in which you are directly impacting the lives of others.
– Stephanie, Campaigns Assistant

Bethany's Story

I was the Orange Award Marketing Intern for the summer of 2013. I had not even walked the stage at graduation and was moving to Toronto for this internship. It promised to be “not your average” internship and it definitely was not. I could go on hyping up World Vision, its courageous mission and the inspiring staff here at the office. I will try to keep it short, sweet and tweetable.

I thought I was prepared for my first “big girl job”. I was not. At World Vision, I got a taste of the creative process, making presentations, writing creative briefs, research documents, initiating a campaign, working with designers and creative agencies and practically working my creative ideas into existing campaigns. My days were filled with meetings, brainstorming and assignments. The team I was apart of supported and challenged me. I got a taste of everything and have gained a greater understand of my strengths and weaknesses. Entering the work force is straight up scary. But my internship has helped me focus my passions and creativity and is sending me in a direction that I am so thrilled about!
– Bethany, Orange Award Winner

Josh's Story

My internship with World Vision has been eye-opening. I was able to engage with an organization I have been supporting for years in ways I’ve never expected that I would. I was able to engage with youth and students that were passionate about seeing the end of poverty in a positive way. Being able to encourage them to make a change at various events has helped me be more conscious on the actions I do every day that can make a differences. It was also encouraging to see how the different departments and divisions are all interconnected and all working towards one overarching goal. I believe this is somewhere that I wouldn’t like to work for, but work with in the future.
– Josh, Leader & Mobilizer Intern

Sophie's Story

Did I just walk myself into that corner? Yes, I did. If you are curious, the corner is called “die-to-self.” That was my question last September, when I started the internship. I willingly walked myself into the place of confronting realities. I had previously worked with children. “Now,” I thought to myself, “I want to work for children” (minus the diapers, the giggles and the runny noses). Tons of questions flooded my heart. I wanted to know true service and genuine love, so I applied. And when I did, after months of waiting, facing the possibility of rejection, I received a call, followed by an interview and then nine months of life-whacking work.

When I strolled off the bus into the World Vision offices in Mississauga, usually every Tuesday, the world behind disappeared. I was a soldier marching into hope. From the janitor to the CEO to the interns, everyone believed in the palpable promise of a better world. I worked with people who waved their flags courageously over the vulnerable of the world. We were not saviours. We were not foreigners. We were brothers and sisters. We sought humanity in one voice. We lifted the bar of human worth—together. And when the calls became endless or the results dimmed, we made sure each received a daily dose of encouragement.

I learned to look away from myself, to do justice, to embrace greatness, to dare greatly, beyond what I could expect or imagine. I learned to be myself with the pressure of the gazing world off me. I ran bravely, and through this work, now others will get to run bravely too.
Sophie, Leader & Mobilizer Intern

Ben's Story

I began my internship with World Vision with two goals in mind. First, I wanted to develop a philosophy around social justice that I could apply and incorporate into my day-to-day. Second, I hoped to gain valuable work experience and professional development.

This internship has greatly impacted my thinking around the importance of social justice. In order to be successful in this position, I was required to research and learn a number of important facts about hunger, water, education and child protection. This has broadened my understanding of these global problems, and put them on the forefront of my consciousness. Acting as an advocate has caused me to gain a deeper appreciation for the global problems we face, but also a better understanding of the role of individuals in combating those problems and an appreciation of the progress that is being made.

This internship also provided me valuable work experience in the non-profit field. Through the preparation and presentation of numerous presentations, I feel confident in my ability as a public speaker. I have also gained valuable insight into the process of fundraising and the inner-workings of the non-profit sector.

This internship has been an amazing experience. The team I was a part of was one of the best groups I have had the privilege of working with. I would fully recommend this internship.
Benjamin, Leader & Mobilizer Intern

Amy's Story

This internship has changed my life in so many ways. I began to learn about social injustice when I was in grade twelve and ever since I have had a passion to be a part of the solution in ending extreme poverty. World Vision gave me a platform with their Youth Ambassador program to be able to learn and grow and find out what my role was as a young advocate for social justice. Through the Youth Ambassador program I was introduced to the internship as a “next step” option. In the short nine months that I have had this internship I have grown and learned more than I could have ever imagined.
Through this internship I was given opportunities I never thought were possible such as speaking at schools about global hunger, doing a media tour with a baby goat for Gift Catalogues, and my personal favorite which was mentoring youth and telling them they have the power to make a difference. Nothing beats seeing the spark and passion in young people when they realize they have the power to create a better world. I was able to be a part of organizing local Justice Labs, as well as be a part of youth leadership summits. I was put out of my comfort zone more times than I can count but that’s what made every work day exciting and refreshing.
I also got to learn the ins and outs of a non-profit organization as well as be a part of the ground work for many campaigns and clubs. One of the best parts was being a part of an amazing team that constantly inspires and encourages each other. I feel so privileged to have worked with an incredible group of people. This internship definitely takes a lot of heart and passion but it’s an incredible experience and one I wouldn’t change for anything.


  • You are between the ages of 18-28
  • You are passionate about social justice and ending global poverty
  • You have proven leadership experience, work well in team environments and are able to adapt to change.
  • You are a self-starter with strong organizational skills.
  • You are comfortable speaking/presenting to small and large groups.
  • Social media savvy (Facebook, twitter, blogs, YouTube, etc.).
  • You are available to work flexible hours (some evenings and weekends).
  • Available to work for a 10 month term, beginning early September to the end of May.