World Vision Youth Calendar

A dream without a plan is merely a wish.  Use this sample calendar to start planning your year of making a difference!


  • Launch your group at your school clubs fair or campus
  • Decide on your hopes and goals for the year as a leadership committee


  • Do a stunt to make your group known
  • Share No Child For Sale resources

November – December

  • International day of the child (November 20th)
  • Rally your community to a different kind of giving this season and raise money for a Gift Catalog item you and your friends are passionate about.
  • Apply for Leadership Trips – ask people to chip into your trip rather than giving Christmas presents

January – February

  • World Day of Social Justice (February 20th)
  • Recruit members and volunteers for the 2nd semester
  • Host a Girl Rising film screening
  • Get corporate sponsors to support your club activities or campaigns

March – April

  • 30 Hour Famine (Official national dates April 24th/25th, but you can do it any time of the year)
  • World Water Day (March 22nd)
  • World Vision Leadership Trip to the Dominican Republic

May – June

  • World Day to End Child Labour (June 12th)
  • Elect next round of WV group leaders and begin planning the next year
  • Apply for Youth Ambassador Program

July – August

  • World Vision Leadership Trip to Thailand