World Vision Group Requirements

We’re glad you’re interested in starting a World Vision club!  This is one of the most powerful and sustainable ways to create change right where you are.

Starting and keeping an active World Vision group is super easy.

  • Register your WV group and gather some friends who will commit to your group
  • Provide an official liaison or point person for your group to regularly connect with a WV staff person.  If you are in a middle or high school you may also need to provide the contact info of a teacher advisor/supervisor
  • Be active – run at least one campaign or host at least one event per semester to help raise awareness and funds for World Vision Canada
  • Share with us your impact through this form and social media and hashtag #yourmovement
  • Renew your club at the end of each year and update us with any new contact information
  • Generally – commit to staying awesome.  You’re representing a global humanitarian organization as a WV group!

That’s it! Another step towards global change, complete!