Krista | Toronto, Ontario

I have spent a few weeks in the developing world and know my heart is at its fullest when I am there. I thought this is how I could spend my life, making a change, even if it was little.
I started to look for a position and realized, it is very difficult to find a position without the experience. And how do you get the experience when not all companies are willing to train, teach, and build you up? This is where my current internship is playing a big role.

I have been a part of the World Vision Youth and Student Engagement team since December of 2012. At the age of 24, I am working alongside one of Canada’s largest NGOs and I am being challenged every day.

I have spoken to thousands of students about poverty and my experience in the field, built major relationships with students and teachers, created and implemented a summer campaign as well as came alongside their larger campaigns across Canada.

Although, the pay may be minimal, the experience, learning, growth, and portfolio building, is invaluable. I’ve not only got a foot in the door; my whole body is in the door.