Investing in Tomorrow: A Stroke of Cluck Can Change a Life

Investing in Tomorrow-05

Kenya is getting younger and younger. Over half the population is under the age of 25, and many of them are unable to get sustainable employment. That means more stress and less food.

But many young people don’t see agriculture as the best way to a hungerfree life. The average farmer is 60 years old. But what if that farming – which makes sure there’s food enough for today – was combined with a small business?

For Nelly, the girl we’ve been following as we get ready for the 30 Hour Famine, a hungerfree life looks like farming combined with raising goats.

For Erastus, another young Kenyan, economic empowerment comes with a stroke of cluck.

Erastus is the sole caregiver for his brothers and sisters. Crammed in a small house, the family often found themselves going to sleep hungry (and waking up even hungrier).

But since getting chickens, Erastus can not only feed his siblings, he can also plan for a future. Soon, he hopes to build a house that will fit his family.

A HungerFree world doesn’t just involve food. It also takes community, young people, and empowerment. With economic stability – and chickens – dreaming for the future becomes possible.

Keep pushing for a #HungerFree world –

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