Investing in Tomorrow: Florence and the Machine

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In Kenya, economic empowerment can have many faces. For some, it looks like corn stalks growing tall around their house.

That’s how it is for Nelly, the 10-year-old girl we’ve been following with 30 Hour Famine, and her family. By growing healthier and more productive plants, they are able to begin to live #hungerfree.

Today’s average Kenyan farmer is 60 years old. But Kenya is getting younger, and more than half the population is under the age of 25. Those young people are often unemployed, and yet agricultural jobs go unattended. Farming doesn’t seem sustainable…or cool.

HungerFree is coming alongside young people to use methods of empowerment that have been proven to work. It’s the same model World Vision uses with other small farmers, and makes sure that young people have small business. Why? Because then they can grow food for their families and develop an income they can count on.

Not that far from Nelly lives a young woman named Florence, who is a perfect example of what HungerFree helps young people accomplish.

With 14 mouths to feed among her extended family, Florence could be under a lot of pressure. But through HungerFree, she participates in a farming group using new technology to maximize the quality of corn. Food for today is taken care of.

And the food for tomorrow? That’s taken care of with one small asset: a sewing machine. Florence can make her own clothes and sell them for a profit, ensuring that she has enough to provide economic stability.

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