Hungry Yet?

Hungry – Adjective: /ˈhəNGɡrē/
Having a strong desire or craving, an eager NEED for something.

Are you hungry? At this present moment, maybe you are. Maybe you skipped breakfast this morning because you slept in and rushed out the door… again! Maybe you don’t have a lunch because after raiding your kitchen, you couldn’t find anything that you really like. Or maybe you’ve decided that last night’s leftovers just won’t cut it twice in a row, so you pull out another $5.00 and line up at McD’s.

It is a scientifically well-known fact that we as living human beings need food to survive, and therefor is an essential part of everyday life. The fascinating thing is that society today has become unabashedly overindulged in food culture. We eat what we want, when we want, how we want, no matter the cost or repercussions. We justify our so called “hunger” with conclusive statements such as “it has essential nutrients”, “today’s my cheat day”, “why not, it’s 2 for 1”, or “I’m craving this so bad right now”. Sound familiar? I know I do it. How can you not if you’ve grown up, never having to worry about whether your parents could afford to feed you today. Never asking yourself “what should I eat”, but “will I eat”? Never worrying about how much fat or sugar that snack bar contains, but rather wondering if a few spoonfuls of beans will make the pain subside, even just for today.

Hunger is real; it’s more than just a stomach growl, or a passing thought or feeling.

Hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis COMBINED (World Food Program). That’s a fact that I can’t live with, simply because it just does not make sense. How twisted is it that every year in Canada alone, fast food revenue reaches over 5 billion in sales, all the while masses of people across the planet are starved, malnourished, and without access to fundamental nutritional resources. This is NOT okay.

I wish to express to you, that although I have never experienced real hunger, I am hungry. I have a different kind of hunger, a craving bigger than chocolate. This is a hunger to live beyond average, a hunger to see different, a hunger to be part of a greater movement, a hunger to step up, reach out, and be heard. I have a hunger to fight for change, to create change, and be change.
So again, I ask you, are YOU hungry?

On April 24/25th, 2015, join us in our fight against hunger. “Eat Nothing, Do Something”.

Do Something.

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