How to let media know about your event

How to let media know about your event

The most interesting thing about the 30 Hour Famine to journalists in your area is the fact that you are doing it! And media coverage is a great way to build awareness and support for your event!

Here are some quick tips to help get interest:

  • Find journalists and reporters in your area: Google your local newspaper, TV stations, radio stations and online papers for journalists who have covered local events. Find their contact info and phone them, and then follow up with an email.
  • Be clear! Have answers to the 5 Ws (Who, What, Where, When, Why) ready about your event. Also, why are you excited about it? What project are you supporting? How many people are in your group? What’s unique about your event? How can people in the community support your group?
  • Be direct with the ask: Will the journalist cover your event? If the journalist needs any more information to complete their story, be prompt in responding as many work in hectic environments and on a tight deadline.
  • Only speak about your event – and saying ‘I don’t know’ is OK: If you’re asked a question you do not know the answer to, that’s alright. You only need to talk about what you know – your event! You’re an expert on what your group is doing, so don’t worry about being a spokesperson for World Vision. Any World Vision questions, no matter how tough or easy, can be directed to us and we’re happy to follow up with details, photos or information.
  • Indicate how the public can support you: They can go to to support your group.
If you have any questions at all, contact us: Youth & Student Engagement Team –

How to Fundraise

  • Use social media and e-mail! Social media is where it’s at, so why not share your successes and fundraise online? E-mail and social media avenues are great for getting the word out about your cause, and directing people to where they can help!
  • Show proof! Make sure your supporters know and believe that their money is going where you say it is. Do some research and give some stats on your fundraising page and when personalizing e-mails to ensure clarity.
  • Reach out to local businesses! Ask local businesses (hair salons, auto repair shops or restaurants) if they’ll support your journey or fundraiser. They can help you advertise by displaying information about your fundraising efforts in their shops.
  • Fundraise in busy places! Find a good, central location where people are constantly passing-by. You could set up a table and promote your fundraiser with posters, etc.
  • Set a good example! Show you’re serious by making the first donation. It proves you’re committed and gives your campaign momentum.
  • Public Relations are key! Explore how you can gain free publicity for your fundraising/event by reaching out to media in your area. Contact information can be found on TV and radio station’s websites. Calling or e-mailing in a tip could expand your reach to a wider audience and bring in extra money and interest.
  • Thank them! Show your supporters how much you appreciate them with an acknowledgment of thanks for their support. A little thank you goes a long way- perhaps to next year’s donation!