Famine For Churches


One of the world’s largest youth-driven fundraising campaigns in the world. Started in a church basement by a 17 year old girl in Calgary, Alberta, the Famine has now expanded to millions of youth across 21 countries.


The 30 Hour Famine is one of the best leadership & community development tools out there. It also happens to support and empower some of the world’s most vulnerable children.


Famine’s around the world have united under the banner of #HungerFree – a collective mission to create a #HungerFree world, one community at a time. We are currently focusing on Kenya & South Sudan and will be sharing the stories of World Vision’s incredible work in the area. Thanks to our partnership with the World Food Programme every donation will be multiplied 3x in value!


For 30 hours, youth to give up something that matters to them to join in solidarity with millions who go without on a daily basis. It could be food, electricity, even social media. This becomes a challenging, fun, bonding experience that changes the lives of young people locally & around the world.

We’ve got everything you need to create an extraordinary famine experience.

Videos, posters, digital designs, bulletin inserts for your church
Promotional Resources

Trivia, games, bible studies, and video integrated challenges to make for an action packed evening

Videos planning guides, consent forms, and certificates
Event Resources

** If you need any additional support or would like a speaker at your event, connect with our team dedicated to raising the next generation of young activists. **

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