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  1. Read a book on the topic of giving & generosity
  2. Have a neighbor over for a meal
  3. Mail a card expressing gratitude to someone
  4. Purchase 1 Item from World Vision’s Gift Catalogue
  5. Leave a surprise gift on a friend’s doorstep
  6. Build a snowman with family or friends
  7. Educate a small group of friends on a current social justice issue
  8. Visit a senior resident in your community
  9. Write a journal entry reflecting on your life learnings this past year
  10. Bless a family by babysitting their kids over the Christmas holidays
  11. Buy a coffee for the person behind in you line
  12. Dream up a Justice Project idea plan & share it with us

Feel free to take a look at the graphics we have for this event! You can download and post on your own social media account too 🙂