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World Food Day (WFD) was founded by the United Nations’ (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization in 1945. Since then World Vision along side other organizations have been working towards increasing awareness of world hunger and poverty as well as creating solutions for world change. Check out the images below for some hunger related facts. You can use these in your presentations or when you are speaking at different events.

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World Vision Youth Canada

How do we do this?

• Providing farmers with improved seeds, tools and better farming practices
• Improving access to markets to families can sell the food they’ve grown
• Teaching families and communities how to improve their diet and nutrition
• Managing resources to prevent soil erosion, use water more efficiently and protect the environment

World Vision Youth Canada

We help farmers increase their productivity by:

• Helping them get improved seeds and tools
• Teaching them more beneficial farming techniques
• Training families about better post-harvest storage, processing techniques and making sure more food is kept fresh and not wasted
• Bringing farmers together through associations, so they can bargain and have better access to credit and markets

World Vision Youth Canada

We train volunteers to help families:

• Learn about nutritious and appropriate crops to grow
• Learn about small animals that are easy to raise
• New recipes and how to cook variations on local recipes
• Mothers learn to recognize signs of malnourishment and are able to treat it

As a result of these programs, children and families are healthier, have more energy and get sick far less often.

World Vision Youth Canada

Hunger projects we support:

World Vision works closely with the World Food Program to provide sustainable development around the world. Download the documents below to learn more about the World Food Program and how we work with families and communities!
Hunger Project Guide of 2015-2016

World Vision Youth Canada

World Vision provides emergency food to make sure children and families get essential nutrients during a time of crisis. We also help families strengthen and improve their ability to produce or purchase their own food. This helps families to be better equipped to handle future food challenges.

Families in rural areas often grow or raise their own food. They rely on crops and animals that grow locally as well as traditional recipes that may not equal balanced, nutritious meals.

We focus on providing nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers, along with mothers with children under 5, who are most vulnerable to the long-term impact of malnutrition.