World Vision Youth Canada

Some of the children most vulnerable who need protection:

• 115 million child labourers doing dangerous work and trafficked children
• 250,000 child soldiers
• 13 million children under 18 who’ve lost both their parents
• Up to 150 million street kids

World Vision Youth Canada

What World Vision is Doing:

1. Speaking up about the child protection issues like child trafficking, child labour and exploitation. We’re talking to Canadian individuals and governments in Canada and in developing countries.

2. Using firsthand experience to help create solutions with governments, humanitarian organizations and communities. For example, WV was involved in the passage of a bill that resulted in more jail time for child traffickers as well as creation of a plan to combat human trafficking, launched by the government in 2012.

3. Supporting education for boys and girls on how to protect themselves from exploitation and help them speak and get help if they’re in an exploitive situation. We also help them to be very involved in coming up with solutions and putting them into practice.

We focus on the children who are most vulnerable – those who have been orphaned, who live on the street and who aren’t in school. We teach them about trafficking and the techniques that abusers use to lure children.

World Vision protects children by looking out for their well-being, ensuring that communities are working to identify and support children in need; advocating for kid’s rights and providing for immediate needs like emergency shelter and essential care.

World Vision Youth Canada

Projects we support that keep kids safe:

Learn more! Download and check out these resources related to human trafficking.

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Want to get involved and help end trafficking? Create your own campaign and put and end to it right here: While you are at it, check out what two Youth Ambassadors did to help end trafficking!

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