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economic development

Economic development is essential to World Vision’s goal of the sustained well-being of children. When there are improvements in the conditions of economic justice, it paves the way toward economic well- being in every home.

This means that families have the option to spend money on the things that impact their children’s well- being. We recognize that for children living in poverty, life in all its fullness begins with this sustained family well-being. Economic development is an essential element for lasting change so that families and communities can create nurturing environments where children can thrive.

World Vision works to strengthen economic development as part of its programming approach. We know that without these initiatives, families could not send children to school; take them for medical treatment or protect them from life’s risks.

We help communities solve economic problems by investing in their entrepreneurial spirit.

World Vision Youth Canada

Gender Roles

Integrating gender into programming can be the key to catalyzing transformation in a community. Applying gender equity across the life cycle can break cycles of poverty and deprivation, allowing boys and girls to enjoy life in all its fullness.

Because gender norms are so deeply engrained in communities and often a source of injustice and poverty, failing to understand and address these negative norms can lessen the impact on the well-being of girls and boys.

World Vision supports programming and policy that transforms individuals, relationships, systems and structures toward gender justice for a more equitable world that promotes the dignity and well-being of every man, woman, boy and girl.

World Vision Youth Canada

Child participation

Children can play an important role as citizens when they are engaged in ways appropriate for their age, maturity and context.

Their participation in family, faith communities, schools and society directly contributes to their well- being. World Vision is committed to empowering boys and girls as active participants in all the processes that contribute to their well-being through meaningful child participation at the local, national and international levels.

World Vision Youth Canada

Child Health

Every year more than 6.3 million children under the age of five die from largely preventable causes, such as malaria, diarrhea and malnutrition. This shocking reality has no place in today’s world.

Twenty years ago more than 12 million children died every year – the number has dropped, but not fast enough. Millions of children’s lives can still be saved by simple, tried and tested interventions. World leaders need to know their citizens care about this, and that keeping their commitments to improve maternal and child health all over the world.

Through our Child Health Now campaign, World Vision is working with leaders, governments, the UN and other partners to see an end to the preventable deaths of children around the world.

World Vision Youth Canada


Advocacy is an essential element of World Vision’s work, alongside long-term community development and emergency responses. It is about challenging and changing the policies, systems, structures, practices and attitudes that make it difficult for vulnerable children and their families to escape living in poverty. World Vision advocates at the local, national, regional and global levels, informed by our experience working with communities. From lobbying at global conferences such as the G8 to working with children, parents and leaders in communities where we operate, advocacy at World Vision is an integrated effort.

Our advocacy is informed and driven by the children and communities we serve. Child Health Now, World Vision’s five-year global advocacy campaign, is active in more than 40 countries and in 2012 continued to be a force for change, inspiring more than two million people around the world to take actions to show they care about ensuring children survive to the age of five. We believe that together, we can help end six million deaths of children under the age of five every year by moving the political will of world leaders.

World Vision Youth Canada

Child Focused projects we support: