On the Road: First Person Story

In this lesson students will learn the difference between needs and wants and that some needs are also basic human rights – something every person is entitled to in order to survive and live a fully-rounded life.

Understanding Disasters

Drought, famine and ongoing conflict threatens the lives of over 13 million people in the Horn of Africa. A disaster is often defined as a tragic, natural or man-made event that often happens suddenly, is out of control and results in significant damage, destruction, hardship and loss of life.

Famine in the Horn of Africa

The following activities are designed to help students learn about contemporary disasters through an examination of the crisis in the Horn of Africa. Students will learn about drought, malnutrition, famine and displacement. They will be challenged to spread awareness of the crisis by creating photo essays.

Journey from Home

This activity gives students a glimpse into the challenges and needs of those who must journey from home to find better living conditions.

Horn of Africa Glossary

Glossary of terms

Migration in the Horn of Africa

Horn of Africa Famine: Background Info

From Hunger to Harvest

Responding to Emergencies