Breanne | Lethbridge, AB

I feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing team of interns here at World Vision. We all come from different backgrounds and have different strengths and passions, yet we are all working toward the common goal of helping children living in poverty. This internship has taught me so much about what it means to live in poverty and what it takes to solve the problem. Most importantly, this internship has taught me that I would really love to continue working with youth and students in a dynamic atmosphere that allows for creativity and open communication. I have gained experience in talking to crowds of people, making marketing phone calls and have learned the art of time management. This internship has been an experience that I will never forget and I will continue to apply what I have learned to my day to day life.

Megan | Winnipeg, MB

I am grateful for bridging opportunities, those that connect you from where you stand and take you to a place you thought impossible. My internship acted as such a bridge during a critical time of my life, a time when I needed to test my skills and gain a deeper confidence in them. During my 8 months at World Vision, I was supported by incredible leadership in the Youth & Student Engagement Department, people who poured into my life and stood beside me as I dug deeper internal wells. In this internship, I was trusted to expand partnerships and network, speak at conferences, present social justice content to youth and students, facilitate leadership workshops, build campaign content, and help support the World Vision campaigns that ignite change locally and internationally. Working remotely, with a national team stretched from coast to coast, I refined a time management, organization, and self-motivation skillset that I believe has prepared me for the next leg of my journey. There are great things to come and I thank World Vision Canada for equipping me and inspiring me forward.

Bethany | Calgary, AB

I was the Orange Award Marketing Intern for the summer of 2013. I had not even walked the stage at graduation and was moving to Toronto for this internship. It promised to be “not your average” internship and it definitely was not. I could go on hyping up World Vision, its courageous mission and the inspiring staff here at the office. I will try to keep it short, sweet and tweetable.

I thought I was prepared for my first “big girl job”. I was not. At World Vision, I got a taste of the creative process, making presentations, writing creative briefs, research documents, initiating a campaign, working with designers and creative agencies and practically working my creative ideas into existing campaigns. My days were filled with meetings, brainstorming and assignments. The team I was apart of supported and challenged me. I got a taste of everything and have gained a greater understand of my strengths and weaknesses. Entering the work force is straight up scary. But my internship has helped me focus my passions and creativity and is sending me in a direction that I am so thrilled about!

PJ | Toronto, Ontario

A World Vision internship is like a pixy stick. You receive this pixy stick and have nothing but excitement and ambition as you take your first few moments with it. As you consume more and more of it into your life you find that excitement merely grows the further in you get. As it comes nearing it’s end you have nothing but a smile on your face. One that is impossible to eliminate no matter how busy you are. And then finally as you come to your end, you walk away with absolutely zero regrets, and an uncontrollable energy as you step out into the world searching for more like this, and hopes that you don’t crash.

Veronique | Montréal, Quebec

Being an intern for World Vision for more than 7 months now has been a growing experience for me. It has opened my eyes more than ever on the suffering and the poverty of our world but also on the hope and the amazing progress that is happening. The internship also allowed me to work with various people and connect with youth in a way I never had before. I was able to use my talents and abilities for a great cause and influence others to do the same. I discovered more things about myself and my capabilities in 7 months that I had in all my life. I am thankful for World Vision and the opportunity they gave me to help the world and make a difference around me.

Krista | Toronto, Ontario

I have spent a few weeks in the developing world and know my heart is at its fullest when I am there. I thought this is how I could spend my life, making a change, even if it was little.
I started to look for a position and realized, it is very difficult to find a position without the experience. And how do you get the experience when not all companies are willing to train, teach, and build you up? This is where my current internship is playing a big role.

I have been a part of the World Vision Youth and Student Engagement team since December of 2012. At the age of 24, I am working alongside one of Canada’s largest NGOs and I am being challenged every day.

I have spoken to thousands of students about poverty and my experience in the field, built major relationships with students and teachers, created and implemented a summer campaign as well as came alongside their larger campaigns across Canada.

Although, the pay may be minimal, the experience, learning, growth, and portfolio building, is invaluable. I’ve not only got a foot in the door; my whole body is in the door.

Joshua | NewfoundLand

My internship with World Vision has been eye-opening. I was able to engage with an organization I have been supporting for years in ways I’ve never expected that I would. I was able to engage with youth and students that were passionate about seeing the end of poverty in a positive way. Being able to encourage them to make a change at various events has helped me be more conscious on the actions I do every day that can make a differences. It was also encouraging to see how the different departments and divisions are all interconnected and all working towards one overarching goal. I believe this is somewhere that I wouldn’t like to work for, but work with in the future.

Allana | British Columbia

My internship with World Vision Canada in the Youth and Student Department has zoomed by. I started at World Vision the day after I finished school and I am very thankful for this opportunity to enter the “real world.”

A large majority of the internship was during Famine season and my presence in schools skyrocketed as teachers were revving up for famine. I really enjoyed these presentations because not only did I learn about the history of famine, what the funds have done and become inspired; I also had the opportunity to share that with students. Thanking them for their hard work, inspire them and mobilize them to continue to make change as they were on a humanitarian high. Every time I learnt more about what World Vision does I became more proud to be a part of the family.

It can seem somewhat daunting at times to create your own tasks but when it involves doing something that you are passionate about then it doesn’t seem like work but an opportunity to truly save children’s lives. It has been an awesome experience to see what some creativity, brainstorming and dedication can do. To try something understanding there is a risk of failure but trusting that you can learn from those mistakes and grow next time has been so encouraging. I am excited to hear that next year’s interns will create and how they will learn from what went well and what didn’t this year.