Black History Month

Black History Month: Your Leadership Changes the World
Every February in Canada, youth all over the country take a moment to admire and celebrate the special contributions that the African and Caribbean community has made – and continue to make, to contemporary society – and I love it!

“Why do I love it” you ask? Well, while ‘yes’ I was raised in a Jamaican home, and ‘yes’ I am also grandchild to a Cuban grandparent, Black History month always serves as more than a simple celebration of my cultural roots:

It is a powerful reminder that it only takes one person – someone who thinks outside the box, often starkly different from everyone else – to ultimately impact the course of history and change the way we engage our world forever.

There is also another reason.

For each of these innovators, they were, at some point in their journey, a young person! In fact, they were all young people who had a deep desire for change, and for combining their talents and skills with their passion for innovation.

And I love that.

So I have a question: have you ever pondered who created the street light?

Or maybe who created the elevator?

What about the major pioneer of neurosurgery?

In celebration of Black History month, let’s take a moment to admire and celebrate the contributions of men and women who dared to dream differently, and who saw possibilities amongst the seemingly impossible.

Patricia Bath (1942 – current): Invented Laser Eye Surgery
Garrett Morgan (1877 – 1963): Invented the Gas Mask and the Traffic Light
Benjamin Carson (1951 – current): Pioneer of Neurosurgery
Lyda Newman (Born 1985): Invented the Modern Hair Brush
Alexander Miles (1867 – ): Invented the Modern Elevator
Frederick M. Jones (1893 – 1961): Invented the Air Conditioner

What are YOU doing to change the world? Let me know!

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