I have always had a deep passion to make a difference in someone’s life in whichever way I can. When the opportunity to volunteer at an art event spear headed by World Vision, I didn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity. The “Art for Impact” event that was held at OCAD University amazed me, not only did I get the opportunity to get in touch with my inner child but also interacted with diverse youth. All this was for a worthy cause, to assist children affected by famine in East Africa.

I got to the venue at around 3o’clock to assist with the set up and was so impressed at the dedication of the artists who were already present, I could tell that their pieces of art were done with so much love and commitment.

When looking around I could feel in my gut that this was going to be awesome and I was right. I was assigned the task of reaching out to students and have them come in and join in on the fun. This activity wasn’t all rosy as I encountered people who were receptive to the information I was giving and those who were not, however, by the end of the day I managed to get a good number of people to attend our event.

After that I also joined in on the fun. People were painting while mingling, music and laughter engulfed the atmosphere and the MC was tremendous. The energy he put in on his work remained constant, I could tell that he was passionate about his job.

What crowned the moment for me was the talk from our very own coach Justin. His talk on the urgency and importance of the youth to be change makers moved me to the core and got me reflecting about my purpose of being on this earth.

The next time you here of a World Vision event don’t think twice about coming! I can assure you will not leave being the same person – Thank me later. 🙂

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