Allana | British Columbia

My internship with World Vision Canada in the Youth and Student Department has zoomed by. I started at World Vision the day after I finished school and I am very thankful for this opportunity to enter the “real world.”

A large majority of the internship was during Famine season and my presence in schools skyrocketed as teachers were revving up for famine. I really enjoyed these presentations because not only did I learn about the history of famine, what the funds have done and become inspired; I also had the opportunity to share that with students. Thanking them for their hard work, inspire them and mobilize them to continue to make change as they were on a humanitarian high. Every time I learnt more about what World Vision does I became more proud to be a part of the family.

It can seem somewhat daunting at times to create your own tasks but when it involves doing something that you are passionate about then it doesn’t seem like work but an opportunity to truly save children’s lives. It has been an awesome experience to see what some creativity, brainstorming and dedication can do. To try something understanding there is a risk of failure but trusting that you can learn from those mistakes and grow next time has been so encouraging. I am excited to hear that next year’s interns will create and how they will learn from what went well and what didn’t this year.