World Water Day – DIY 30 Hour Famine Project

We here at the WVYC offices are in love! In love with Laurdiy’s idea to turn mason jars into fun, reusable and Famine friendly water bottles!

Some of us use hardware store bought mason jars as regular drinking glasses because they are heavy duty, wash well and simply adorable. We can’t get enough of what Lauren has decided to do with these jars, and think that they are the perfect accessory for anyone’s 30 Hour Famine! Thank you Lauren, you’re officially a WVYC rockstar!

Lauren mentioned in her video that it is essential during the 30 Hour Famine, but it is also a fundamental element for a healthy life. Not only do we have cute water bottles, but we have the ability to put clean water inside of them, whenever we want. In some areas around the world, water is limited. Children and their families walk for miles and are forced to spend hours each day collecting and carrying water. This water is deadly: often contaminated with bacteria and parasites, and tragically, hundreds die from consuming dirty water every year. And the worst part is that they have no choice, they must drink from the only water source they have – like we said, water is essential.

Mason Jar water bottles are more than cute: they are LIFE GIVING. By joining Lauren and the WVYC staff in making an awesome DIY water bottle and raising your voice to fight global hunger, you are making sure that children and their families have access to food and water to lead happy and healthy lives. Hunger is one of the worst problems in the world, and we can do something about it.


And! Think about this! Your brand spanking, one of a kind creation does more than hold water: it can also hold MONEY! Make some extras and make friends with the secretaries in your school. Can they put a donation mason jar for your 30 Hour Famine event at the front desk? In the staff room? The cafeteria? EVERY SINGLE CLASSROOM IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD?! …ok, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves with that last idea, but the sky is the limit with your new skills.

We are obsessed with this idea that Lauren has challenged us all with and will definitely be trying it out in the office – and there is no better time than now, especially with the 30 Hour Famine on April 25-26th, Canada’s Water Week and World Water Day on March 22nd.

Don’t forget to share your photos with us and Lauren via Instagram and Twitter by using #laurDIY and #SeeHunger!

Oh, and if you haven’t signed up for the 30 Hour Famine yet, get on that!
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Thanks for being an inspiration to us Lauren: You’re amazing!
Check out Lauren’s page here!