Gift Catalogue

Every year, World Vision creates change in millions of lives through your actions, what you do matters. Simple acts of kindness and giving are the cornerstones that build community, hope and life.

There are countless ways to share the love this up-coming season. World Vision’s Gift Catalogue is your number one shop to get involved to help children and families in countries all around the world.

These are the gifts that keep on giving: chickens provide eggs daily, goats provide milk and cheese for years to come, school supplies mean a better education for life. But it isn’t about a chicken, or pencils or a goat, it’s about giving hope and lasting change.

Just last year, more than 150,000 items were purchased by Canadians from the gift catalogue that helped over 174,000 children and families in more than 50 countries.


Do Gift Catalogue as a group!

Are you part of a school or a youth group and want to join together to bring lasting change to a family this Christmas? Fundraise together for Gift Catalogue items!

Check out our Create Your Own page. You’ll find the following projects available:

Water Projects in Niger, Mali and Ghana
Prevention & Protection of sexually exploited children in Thailand
Anti-trafficking project in Bangladesh
Girls education in South Sudan & Malawi

This year we also have some incentives for your fundraising efforts check them out below!

$300 – You will receive 2 World Vision Mugs!
$500 – You will receive 4 World Vision Mugs!
$1000 – You will receive 6 World Vision Mugs!

So get out there, start fundraising. Check out our Create Your Own Page below.

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