Tax Receipts

How to deal with tax receipts

If anyone gives you an individual donation of $15 or more, they are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt. Receipts are mailed to all donors from the previous year in February. For us to issue a tax receipt, we need the following information from the donor:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Telephone number, in case we need to contact the donor
  • Amount donated

Tax Receipts: Frequently Asked Questions

It is our experience that many donors at fundraising events will give donations without requesting a tax receipt; however it is important to be able to answer questions regarding this issue and to know in what circumstances World Vision Canada is able to issue a tax receipt.  The government of Canada has specific guidelines for when a tax receipt can be issued.  World Vision Canada does not create these specifications, and therefore cannot alter them under any circumstances and must strictly adhere to them.

1.     Can attendees receive a tax receipt for buying an entrance ticket or paying an entrance fee to an event?
Yes, provided that:
·        Those attending know that the funds are being donated to World Vision Canada.
·        The full amount of the entrance ticket/fee is given to World Vision Canada (i.e. no expenses are being covered by the price of the ticket).
·        We have the required information for all individuals requesting a tax receipt (please see beginning of section 4.4).
·        There are no door prizes or giveaways as part of the event.
2.     If we are using part of the money received from the entrance tickets/fees to pay for event expenses (i.e. catering, venue fees, etc.) is it possible for the attendees to receive tax receipts for the amount given to World Vision Canada?
No, we are not able to provide tax receipts in this situation.  If you are using part of the entrance tickets/fees for event expenses and would still like to offer the attendees a tax receipt, it would have to be for a straight donation given separately from the entrance ticket/fee.
3.     Can I buy a receipt book and make out receipts at the event?

No, only World Vision Canada can issue official tax receipts in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency Regulations.  There is no need for you to provide even a temporary tax receipt at the event.

4.     If I collect cash donations, can I collect this money and write a personal cheque or obtain a money order on behalf of several donors who have given cash?

The short answer to this question is “yes”; however, please read the stipulations below:

If tax receipts are not required you may write a cheque or obtain a money order payable to World Vision Canada for the lump sum.  When you send in the cheque, please indicate that it is on behalf of the other donors.  We will send you an acknowledgement of the funds received for your records; however, you will NOT receive a tax receipt for the amount since you were not the original donor of the money.




  1. 6.     We are holding a Bake/Garage Sale.  Can World Vision Canada provide tax receipts to those who buy items?
    No, in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency Regulations, if an individual is receiving goods or services of any kind for the money they give they cannot also receive a tax receipt.  If an individual at your event wanted to give a straight donation that they are not receiving any goods or services for, only then are they eligible to receive a tax receipt. 
  2. 7.     An organization/company will be performing/catering/providing a service at our event for free.  Can a tax receipt be issued to them for the normal cost of their service?
    No, the Income Tax Act does not permit the issuing of tax receipts for services rendered except in limited situations.

We are having a silent auction.  Can World Vision Canada provide tax receipts to those businesses that have donated items?
No, World Vision does not issue tax receipts for donated items.  However, many companies are often happy to deduct the donation as a business expense, without requiring a donation receipt.  This has virtually the same effect on their corporate tax return.