What if everyone was valued as equal and we worked together to solve the world’s greatest challenges? It’s this concept of global citizenship that drives Hugh Evans, the 33-year-old Australian who founded Global Citizen in 2012, to rally our generation to end poverty by 2030.

We are thrilled to announce that Hugh will be joining World Vision as the inaugural HungerFree Ambassador. In this role he will advise, promote, and speak on behalf of the synergies between Global Citizen and the HungerFree movement, inviting Global Citizens to join the journey to a HungerFree world. To date Hugh has helped unite over 7 million Global Citizens to take over 2.3 million “actions” towards ending poverty through the Global Citizen platform, and this is just the beginning.

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“Global Citizen is founded on the premise that we can be the generation to end extreme poverty in our lifetimes,” said Evans. “I am proud to support the HungerFree movement and to amplify World Vision’s initiatives through Global Citizen.”

As a teenager, Hugh’s first action towards ending poverty took just 40 hours, through World Vision Australia’s 40 Hour Famine – a programme in which young people go without food for 40 hours in order to raise awareness and funds to fight hunger. This experience introduced him to poverty and the hope that we are capable of ending it.

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That same experience led 14 year-old Hugh to a World Vision Study Tour trip to the Philippines. On this trip, he met a Pilipino teenager named Sonny Boy. They were the same age, living drastically different lives, and Hugh experienced this up close when he spent the night with Sonny Boy’s family. During that sleepless night on the concrete floor he tried to reconcile the differences between their two existences. Why did Evans get to return to suburban Melbourne, Australia, while Sonny Boy stayed at his home on Smokey Mountain, a slum built on a garbage dump in the Philippines?

In 2008, Evans and a group of college friends started working on what others called an impossible dream: ending extreme poverty for millions of people around the world. That dream became the Global Poverty Project, an international education and advocacy organization that has inspired millions of people around the world to end global poverty.

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Evans then founded Global Citizen in 2012 as a hub for innovative campaigns to help people begin their journey to drive change and fight the status quo. In addition to its web platform, Global Citizen hosts music Festivals timed around key political moments to advocate world leaders. This model has helped secure billions of critical funds to end global poverty.

In his role as HungerFree Ambassador, Evans will help HungerFree mobilise a generation of Global Citizens to end hunger.

“Hugh Evans and all our friends at Global Citizen have been on the forefront of change,” said Paul Newnham, Director of World Vision’s HungerFree. “We’re excited to work closely with them to bring together and to create a world that is hungerfree.”

Learn more about Global Citizen at its website here.