Bamba Adventure

The World Vision Youth team is currently in Kenya! Check out one of their last updates below.

Jambo! It is day six in Kenya with the Youth team from Canada. We’re all finally adjusted to the time change and having full fun days, here in Kilifi. Today we travelled to Bamba, a region in Kilfi.

With such a large team between the youth team and the hunger free team, everyone is always on the go. We got to Bamba around 9:45 am to meet with a local youth group called the Bamba Voices. They are a political social justice group who deal with issues surrounding the community with a focus on human rights awareness. The group was created in 2012 and has seen much success with their informative skits and dramas. They also have talked to the surrounding government about a broken hospital which now thanks to funds from the government, has been improved with the addition of an ambulance and generator. The workers have been more trained, And more recently they just announced that a new maturity board section.

Each member is so dedicated to what they are working towards, and it really made an impact to us, as Canadian youth. Each time they talk and advocate to their community they are so passionate and it inspires us as youth.

After visiting Bamba Voices we walked through town to visit Bamba Primary School were we had the chance to visit the year 8 students. The principal Margaret Kingy, had been teaching their her entire life, she was 70 years old and respected by each and every student. At this school the government supports their food programming, so as long as the children can bring their own water, and tin.

After another incredible Kenyan lunch with fresh chapati, we went about 7km outside of Bamba to visit Florence and Arashtis, two people native to the area who have been affected by World Vision with the cash for assets program.

Florence was a farmer who with the support of World Vision was able to buy a sewing machine and now makes clothes for children, weddings and other events. She participated in a training programming to learn how to sew. Which has helped her and her family of 14.

Arashtis is a school teacher, and chicken farmer. He looks after his family of 8, after both his parents passed away a few years ago. He also went through the loss of all 25 of his chickens after an air born disease plagued the areas. Fortunately though he has many plans and aspirations for his life, with the plan of getting new chickens with the needed vaccinations next month.

Overall today was absolutely amazing as we got to meet so many amazing people with incredible stories.

P.S. Always appreciate toilets, sinks, and toilet paper

– Hanna