EQUIP: November Speakers

Joe Popma
Joseph is passionate about leadership, and loves helping people and organizations be better at what they do. He believes that relationship, integrity, and hard work are at the core of good leadership. Joseph worked for 6 years helping youth to reach their full potential as leaders as Camp IAWAH’s Youth Leadership and Development manager, has been a part of several start-ups, and is studying Management at the Telfer School of Management in Ottawa. In his spare time, you can find him playing music, rock climbing, and spending time in the great outdoors.
Diane is from Unionville High School and is a World Vision Youth Ambassador Alumni. Above all in her life, she values ambition, loyalty and commitment. Most recently, she established a GTA youth council named Creativity Through Arts, that promotes all forms of arts through organizing special community events. When she’s not sleeping, eating watermelons, reading or obsessing over hedgehogs, you can expect to find her at the nearest concert, fangirling over Debussy or Drake.
Sam Lee
PANELIST: Samantha Lee
Sam is a 2nd year Nursing student at Queen’s University who is passionate about taking action against global social injustices. After being a part of the World Vision Action Cluster at Richmond Green Secondary School and attending a World Vision/Live Different leadership trip to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2014, Sam decided to bring HOOPS VS. HUNGER (an initiative that her high school teacher started at Richmond Green) to Queen’s.
Cameron So
PANELIST: Cameron So
Cameron is currently in his 2nd year at the University of Toronto, studying Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Science. Passionate about environmental and social justice, Cameron aspires to solve complex global and regional challenges such as food security using activism, persistence, and research. In his spare time, he enjoys camping in the great outdoors and playing ultimate Frisbee.
PANELIST: Anayat Sidhu
Anayat is a World Vision leader who believes that change comes in all different shapes and sizes. To her, it’s all about the impact that she is making, whether that is one person’s life or ten people’s lives. She strives for excellence and pursues leadership in all that she does because she believes in the idea that we are greatest together. Her main goal this year as a World Vision Youth Ambassador is to engage her community in women’s empowerment.