1 Kid Making A Difference (& What a difference it was!)

Written by: Brianna Locke
“Helping people makes me feel good!”

On June 12th I had the opportunity to speak with Taylor DeVos, a passionate and powerful 12 year old from Saskatchewan, who is ready and willing to make some huge differences in the world.

It started three years ago: a commercial, a lake, and a persistent kid. Spending time at their lake home, the DeVos family found themselves enjoying an afternoon with the television on in the background. A World Vision sponsorship commercial came on depicting the shocking reality for many around the world. On the screen were pictures of unsanitary conditions, a demand for health care and a clear need for assistance. Through the pain, Taylor was able to see the underlying message of hope; and it wasn’t along until Taylor was asking her parents, Cora and Dave, for a sponsor child of her own. It was their sponsor child, Mesline, that started Taylor’s journey for peace and justice and she shows no signs of slowing down!

“Did she really say yes?!

Taylor is described as always having compassion for EVERYONE: kids, animals, the elderly, and that became even more obvious when Taylor told her parents that the sponsor child wasn’t enough. Taylor craved more: more aid, more people, more change and after much thought, she decided that her new adventure would be to raise enough money to build a school. A crazy thought? Yes. Mom (Cora) wasn’t sure that this was something that Taylor could find success in, but she saw the passion that her daughter had and, although it was going to be a difficult task with struggles and potential disappointments, Cora said yes.

Yes: three letters that made a huge impact around the world. Taylor began her quest to raise enough money to build a school, and fund an education project in Haiti. Taylor ran spa-like days in honour of Mother’s Day, dance parties, called newspapers and solicited donations from provinces as far as British Columbia and Ontario for her cause. In three years, Taylor had raised enough funds to help her achieve her goal of equal education for children in developing countries.

$15, 000 and counting!

This is not the end of the road for Taylor. In our interview, she let me know that she has plans to keep going, to keep helping and encouraging global change. So what’s next? Another school, and a quest to help students complete their education by funding them through university, before she herself takes the plunge into high school.

Here at World Vision, we couldn’t be more proud of Taylor who is making a difference in her community and around the world. Her passion for equality is inspirational and we are incredibly thrilled to partner with a wonderful world changer like Taylor, because she knows: when you can believe it, you can achieve it.

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