My World, My View – Photography Collaboration Project

A photography handbook/workshop that puts cameras in the hands of children and lets them document their world through their eyes.

GEAR: Children and HIV & AIDS

Activities introduce the topics of HIV and AIDS and its effects on five school friends in rural Malawi.

GEAR: Water & Education

Water is life: Flash Animation Activity

GEAR: Exploring Global Issues

World Vision Early Readers

Guided reading activities for primary & junior grades supporting Language Arts, Literacy, Social Studies & Arts learning outcomes.

India’s Working Children Speak Out

Through this resource, participants will: reflect on their rights & responsibilities, understand that children’s rights are preserved and protected by the UN CRC, assess ways citizens can voice opinions on civic and global matters and research the contributions that young people make to their communities.

A Second Chance: Sonam’s Story

Sonam’s story of her life in New Delhi, India.

Lesson 3: Proof of Identity

Students will examine the importance of birth registration in upholding children’s rights to develop, participate and be protected.

Lesson 2: Celebrating Our Identities

Students will examine how customs and activities shape identity.

Lesson 1: Who Are You?

Working through the concept of identity and examining naming customs of various cultures and how they influence children’s identities.