Raw Hope

Raw Hope works in unstable countries whose governments cannot or will not act to protect the rights of its people. These countries are severely weakened by chronic economic and political problems. ​Children living in these countries struggle with disturbing conditions.

Your Raw Hope donation ensures we are able to help in these challenging countries to bring immediate relief and also work toward long-term solutions.​​


World Vision Youth Canada

Gift Catalogue

Bring Christmas to life this year! You can get awesome gifts like soccer balls, new books and even food for hungry families living in poverty, through World Vision’s gift catalogue. It’s a whole new way to look at gift giving.

Just last year, more than 200,000 items were purchased by Canadians from the gift catalogue that helped children and families in more than 39 countries.

Make a Difference

World Vision Youth Canada

In one day, 30 Hour Famine student leaders discover the underlying causes of poverty, the stark inequalities of the world we live in and how they can contribute to lasting change through:

• Dynamic keynote speakers talking about issues of food security and hunger.
• Impactful interactive global simulation game.
• Multimedia presentations
• Peer-to-peer learning and workshops
• Small group discussions

Come to understand the real issues and get inspired to do something real.

World Vision Youth Canada

This is a weekday educational event.

Cost $35 (HST included) per student. Free for teachers + free teachers lunch.

To register click on the following links:
February 12th, 2014 – Vancouver, BC
February 14th, 2014 – Winnipeg MB

World Vision Youth Canada - Emergencies

How World Vision is Responding in the Philippines

In the wake of one of the most powerful typhoons to ever hit land, World Vision has launched a massive response. We are helping victims by providing life-saving essentials like food, clean water and much more.

Your support will help bring vital relief to children and families impacted by Typhoon Haiyan by providing lifesaving essentials and supplies like food, blankets, household supplies, hygiene kits, shelter and clean drinking water.

Click here to donate to emergency relief in the Philippines.

World Vision Youth Canada - Emergencies

How World Vision is responding in Syria

In Lebanon, World Vision is assisting more than 94,000 Syrian refugees. Help includes provision of food vouchers, hygiene kits, and projects to improve access to clean water and sanitation.

World Vision runs Child-Friendly Spaces — safe areas where children can learn, engage in fun activities, and recover from emotional scars.

In Jordan, World Vision is setting up water and sanitation facilities for 30,000 refugees in the new camp at Azraq.

Learn more: Check out our continued coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis.

Donate: Click here to make a contribution to World Vision’s relief efforts in Syria.

World Vision Youth Canada - Live Different

Live Different

“Welcome to Live Different! We are about change. We are about hope. We are about the continual dream and reality of making a positive difference in the world around us. We believe that together, we really can do it!

We all know apathy sucks. We all agree that injustice is not acceptable. We all want to do something to stop the cycle of selfishness in our lives and in our world. It is possible – but we need to know where to start. So that is why, every day, we are challenging the status quo and calling the world in which we live to wake up and Live Different.

To Live Different means to choose to answer the call to social activism, each and every day – starting with ourselves.

Live Different (formerly known as Absolute Leadership Development) was established as a Canadian charity in 2000. From the very beginning we have been passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people we encounter through our high school presentations, our humanitarian outreach programs and our leadership development opportunities. We have grown over the years, but one thing will never change: our commitment to inspiring those around us to embrace hope and change, starting with their own lives.

We believe that each of us can be a part of that change, each and every day. All it takes is us just beginning to do it! From reaching out to someone in your life, to changing how you shop, to traveling around the world with our Hero Holiday volunteer programs, each of us can be a part of something incredible. Each of us can Live Different!”


World Vision Youth Canada - The Meeting House

The Meeting House

The Meeting House – “Not into traditional religion? You have come to the right place. The Meeting House is a church for people who aren’t into church.

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with organized religion, maybe you are investigating Jesus for the first time, or maybe you have moved into a new area and are looking for a community to rally around and serve our world better. Whatever your situation, we hope you will find a place here to ask questions and find what you are looking for.”


Child Rights Infographics

Child Rights - What is the CRC?    Child Rights - to participate    Child Rights - to survive and develop

Child Rights - to be protected    Child Rights - to justice    Child Rights - celebrating child rights